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The ‘Foodbank Fast’ begins…

Hi there,

First of all, let me explain what this blog is about. I, and my lovely fiancee, are just starting a foodbank fast, in aid of End Hunger Fast, the national campaign which a good friend of ours has helped to set up. His name is Keith Hebden, and he will be completely abstaining from food throughout Lent to raise awareness of the despicable levels of food poverty in our country. Find out more at http://www.endhungerfast.co.uk.

We cannot join him, for work reasons, but we are going to undertake a different fast. We are going to live on £2.50 per person, per day, for the whole of Lent. This reflects the average 3-day food parcel given to those who are forced to use food banks in this country. We will be spending £15 on each food shop, every 3 days.

Of course, we will have access to a fridge and freezer, but I have tried to buy storecupboard ingredients wherever possible. Many people in poverty cannot afford gas and electricity to heat the food which they have been given. I have made good use of Jack Monroe’s blog at http://www.agirlcalledjack.com for finding recipes and tips, and like Jack, my local supermarket is a Sainsbury’s. Her details of the Sainsbury’s basics range will be very helpful! However, our first shop came from Aldi, which we had been told might be cheaper. Here it is:

Sunflower oil £1.19/1l

Porridge oats £0.75/1kg

Strong white flour £0.75/1.5kg

Soya Drink £0.59/1l

Table salt £0.29/750g

2x Chopped tomatoes w/herbs £0.45/can

Baked beans £0.24/can

Cauliflower £0.89

Red onions £0.69/kg

Lemons £0.69/3 pack

Sunflower spread £0.69/500g

Baking soda £0.69/180g

Mild cheddar slices £1.09/10 slice pack

Garlic £0.89/4 bulb pack

Braeburn apples £0.89/pack

Fusilli pasta £0.49/500g

Baking potatoes £0.99/4 pack

Carrots £0.49/1kg
Frozen peas £0.89/bag

Chickpeas £0.39/can

Red kidney beans £0.25/can

….and that came to….£14.73!

My recipes so far…

Breakfast: Grated apple porridge with soya milk- this was surprisingly delicious, just with apple to sweeten it.

Lunch: Baked potatoes with sunflower spread and salt- also, not bad when baked for a long time to give a crispy skin. We also had half a big carrot each after lunch to keep us going.

Dinner: Will be roasted potatoes, carrots, onions and cauliflower with garlicky lemony hummus (without the tahini in it).

I have also made some soda bread, which is an idea courtesy of Jack Monroe. Because of my lactose intolerance, I had to make it with soya milk soured with lemon juice, instead of buttermilk. Soda bread was really easy to make and will make our money stretch longer- though it does take a lot of milk! Time will tell if this is more cost-effective than buying cheap bread.

My only problem so far is a blinding headache due to caffeine withdrawal! I will be buying instant coffee on the next shop, if we can afford it, but so far we are doing OK. There is leftover porridge and soda bread for breakfast tomorrow, and I am planning a pasta bake for Thursday’s dinner. Wish us luck!

To be continued…

Eleanor 🙂